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A poster with words start where you stand

Start Where You Are

By The Appalachian Homestead | April 26, 2023

You can start right where you are. Full stop. You can start exactly where you are right in the midst of the season you are in. It’s so easy to get…

Food independence poster with a egg basket

Cultivating Food Independence

By The Appalachian Homestead | April 17, 2023

How can you create and cultivate food independence? It does not matter where you live or your land ownership status, we’ve got the answer.

Homestead Skills: Garden rows with beautiful lush green leaves

Homestead Skills

By The Appalachian Homestead | March 20, 2023

See that you learn, my friends, hard times are here and soon comes the day when the days of education will be left off and every student will sink or swim.

Free Printable Fall Bucket List

By The Appalachian Homestead | September 11, 2022

Enjoy our free printable fall bucket list and be sure to let us know if you cross them all off!

Time Management and Routine

By The Appalachian Homestead | June 20, 2022

We were put here to be productive and enrich the lives of our families.  That is hard to do when your family doesn’t know which way the wind is going to blow you next.

Apothecary Label Printables

By The Appalachian Homestead | June 19, 2022

What is our biggest boo boo when it comes to tincture making? Labeling snafu’s. That’s right, we think we will remember exactly what is in that bottle, the day arrives…

A group of adult women during the Great Depression

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

By The Appalachian Homestead | June 4, 2022

Homesteading is endless but rewarding work that involves all sorts of uncomfortable things like working all day in the hay fields, making the decision to end the misery of an injured animal, processing your own meats, and standing all day long in front of the stove canning while your feet and back beg for you to call it quits.

Southern Comfort Pecan Praline Loaf

By The Appalachian Homestead | April 6, 2022

If there were only a single flavor to speak “Fall”, without a doubt it would be pumpkin. This special fall treat was adapted from my grandmother’s pumpkin loaf recipe. Granny’s recipe, of course, contained no bourbon at all as she was of the “teetotal” persuasion.

Molasses Stack Cake

By The Appalachian Homestead | April 6, 2022

“Want some Molassy Cake?” She would say as she sliced through the cake, which seemed to always have a hundred layers, and poured a tall glass of fresh milk.

Recipe: Shokupan Bread

By The Appalachian Homestead | April 6, 2022

The internet overlords have decided that recipe posts should be complicated by long preambles and paragraphs regarding their history. However, when I am looking for a recipe- I just want the recipe. So, that’s just what you’ll get here….most of the time.

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